At Cattery365 We are Fully Licensed

Cattery 365 is a fully licensed boarding cattery in Bedfordshire. We are an animal boarding establishment that offers accommodations for other people’s cats.

Our license is renewed every year.

Obtaining this license simply means that our boarding cattery is:

  • Maintained in suitable accommodation
  • Safeguarded from any infectious disease. It includes offering isolation facilities
  • Exercised regularly
  • Presented with sufficient bedding, drink and food

Our boarding cattery service is registered for inspection by a veterinarian and other council-approved officers.

Inside our facility, we keep the list of the following:

  • A description of every cat we have kept
  • Their departure and arrival dates
  • The name and addresses of the owners

Our license proves that we follow the standards of cat care; safety and health and comply with an animal boarding body. In effect, it serve as a protection for cat owners. They will know if a boarding cattery is licensed, when it meets with the standards obliged by the local council.

Our facilities offer your cat a clean, cosy chalet accommodation along with a wonderful spacious caged run area. Every chalet has a sophisticated cathouse with different levels, and it is heated to guarantee your cat is comfortable and snug. You are welcome to bring any toys and blankets if you think your cat would love this.

You can rest assured that Cattery 365 is fully licensed and insured. Our premise is always secure and clean. We understand how vital your cat is to you, and you could be comfortable that they’ll be in good hands with our team.

We treat each guest with plenty of attention and love. You cat will also enjoy a cosy stay in our facilities.

Our units include scratch pads, comfortable beds, shelving and toys for their own enjoyment. Each unit is heated and has an enclosed exercise space with UV protection.

Every unit opens into a safety corridor, along with a CCTV making sure optimum safety of our guests.

We clean every unit regularly, and once a cat leaves the cattery, we conduct a deep clean. Every soft furnishing and bedding are washed, and the unit is prepared freshly, ready for the next cat arrival.

Every cat is given with sufficient attention and fuss throughout their stay at Cattery 365 . They are monitored to guarantee we’re aware of any issues and we can respond to situations faster and accordingly.